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A name for a creature who will express her emotions in their purest intention.

She cannot be chained to a life where nothing is gained and nothings lost.

A beautiful face and an amazing laugh, her happiness will bring you joy.
Loves being comfy, and hates spiders
Person 1: What kind of girl would you even be looking for?
Person 2: A magical, tragical sexy motherfucker with a heart of gold
Person 1: Ah, so like Kaelyn?
Person 2: yeeeeeeeh boii
by lynloon August 10, 2015
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Kaelyn west is an amazing and beautiful girl I don't see who could ever break up with her that would be the biggest mistake of their lives
Man I met this girl named Kaelyn and she is the most beautiful person I could ever meet in my whole life.
by Me definitions mate May 31, 2016
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Kaelyn is a very smart girl she love all her friends she has never hurt anyones felling. when you see kaelyn you thInk big head and crazy, but that is not what she is loving and caring and also my best friend my ride or die my everything .
Kaelyn: Mariah what are you doing. Mariah: Nothing i was fighting for you my ride or die. KAELYN:love you
by kjkikj June 02, 2017
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a really beautiful, nice , caring person who everybody loves and is always there for you
she is such a kaelyn! we have so much in common
by happyperson22 April 19, 2009
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A name originating from Ireland, meaning pure beauty. Usually someone with an amazing personality, a generally nice person but can be a real bitch when necessary.
Dude #1: "I just met the most amazing person today!"

Dude #2: "Really? What's her name?"

Dude #1: "Kaelyn :)"
by blarginshmargin July 18, 2010
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A really nice and awesome girl whose kick ass and cool. She is really pretty and can be a bitch when she wants. Otherwise she is caring and is always helping others.
A: Wow that girl is so awesome!
B: What's her name?
A: Kaelyn
by koolkklol February 25, 2012
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A bad ass who is lazy. Who is scared of spiders and heights. She is pretty and a good friend. Sometimes she can backstab people but she must really hate you..
A:Who the fuck Is that?
C:That's kaelyn

A: I would do that anytime
by Kaelyn lover x December 13, 2017
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