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generally pretty person who is sometimes extremely funny.. usually very smart and fun to be around, very good girlfriend material, often a good person to be around. she is a good girl to bring home to meet your family
that girl is perfect.. shes a kaely
by Drs2145 July 06, 2009
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On of the sweetest most loving people you will meet, shes a little shy at first but if you get to know her she can the funniest and most outgoing person in a group. Shes can also be one of the most badass people you will ever meet, she sticks up for her friends and never deals with anyones bullshit.
Damn that girls a badass she must be a kaely
by Damn just date me already November 20, 2018
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A beautiful girl who tends to be a little selfish sometimes and gets jealous easy but when she wants to be she can be very sweet and kind but most the time she is just mean with her blue eyes and ash hair 😍
β€œWho is that”
β€œOh that’s kaely”
β€œOh yeah watch out for her”
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by Spells allot bird πŸ¦… December 27, 2017
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