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An adorably cute guy. Extremely calm; doesn't let people get on his nerves. A quiet person until you get to know him. Often times drifts off into his own world. Lots of fun to be around. One of the most unique and random guys you will ever have the pleasure of getting to know. Determined; always willing to do what has beat others. Plays a lot of video games. A little anti- social; only likes to be with few people, usually close friends. A sweet and charming young man. Very much enjoys cookies.
Sarah: "Look at him just sitting there, he's so cute"
Angela: "I know...he's such a Kaeden"
by biteme121 July 02, 2011
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The hottest guy on the planet with the best dick. He is named Kaeden. Girls would fall for him. If you can find a Kaeden then you are lucky. It would be the best sex in the universe.
Kaeden fucked me so good last night.

Kaeden's dick is the best.
by Brittany Realsy May 24, 2016
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Has a big dick. Loves big tits. Super strong and super fit. Loves to workout. Not super open about relationships but when he is he’s the best guy around.
Kaeden is the sexiest man alive.
by Eat a Richard May 22, 2018
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Has a massive bulging cock and has cum dripping down the side of it. Somewhat underweight and is a lazy God tier gamer
Kaeden is a cool guy
by TigBickdiddies March 07, 2019
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