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1.Wow that Hector has a huge kac
2.Hey want some of this kac
3.kevin you are a KAC block
by Mr.hp March 09, 2009
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A nickname for the name Kaci. They're usually pretty chill, but can easily flip the switch, and totally surprise you in more than one way.
by Green Tea Addict February 09, 2019
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The celebrity couple name for Zac Efron and Kevin Jonas. Similar to "Brangelina" or "Zanessa."
Person 1: "Did you see Kac together at that one awards show?"

Person 2: "Yeah, they're so cute!"
by Homsjfop January 23, 2009
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KellyAnn Conway, the sound a cat makes while throwing up a fur ball. A most explicit fraud and liar or alternate truth teller, bullshit artist, Possessor or a huge dick; metaphorically of course! trumpasskisser
You have to be a kac, that is the most huge pile of shit I ever heard! Its huge !
by hikoki47 February 01, 2017
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Kick-Ass Clue. Often used in game chat rooms, such as Word Riot Deluxe, to commend fellow teammates' great clue.
WTG (player)! KAC!
by Word Riot Player July 14, 2008
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