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One who has a grip on reality the way most people see it (in terms of the dominant cultural narrative or understanding of beliefs and values) and uses hip~hop to communicate observations to inform the process of shaping reality. This way of being is only possible for one who is very self reflective but this can be an easy way to make individuals in a group less concerned with their roles with in the group and more concerned with hegemony that tends to get thrown up from all this self referral. Space used by truth tellers is usually absolute and temporal but can be relative and relational. The story telling form is often linear and applies concepts generally accepted as real and beliefs and values that do not get challenged much. A truth teller doesn't really know how to create value from what they are seeing without bouncing it off themselves. Therefore their identity is generally unchanging and lacking that refreshing quality. They favor that deep, core sense of knowing that stems from constants in their character.
truth tellers: Atmosphere, Science Professors, generally rich white men, smart people within the system that just act as tools to keep it going and don't challenge their subject position within the hierarchal power structures.
by Abstraction, Muse, Present October 20, 2013
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