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Showy posturing performed as an act of theater. Typically used by pundits to describe an empty political performance which serves to satisfy or distract an audience. The name refers to the Japanese tradition of Kabuki theater, eliciting imagery of heavily costumed characters performing sweeping gestures and holding exaggerated poses for an audience. The performance may appear as elaborate and sometimes strange (foreigners in drag).
While the public remained fixated on the Kabuki of the kind words and state visit by the charismatic leader, his administration was doubling down on trade violations and human rights abuses.
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by TerryMander August 04, 2018

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Working class is the politically correct phrase used to describe people without a college degree. Journalists fear using phrases that will sound like they're calling someone uneducated, so they hide what they mean through the phrase working class (co-opted from the Marxists). This allows people to feel like tough blue collar laborers down in the coal mines when in actuality they're probably working in retail.

Working class can refer to either the degree-less people, or to the jobs typically occupied by them. Some, but not most, working class people move their way up through the ranks and make decent pay. If they really strike it rich they may no longer be proletariat common people in typical working class jobs. This confuses pollsters who don't have a word to describe millionares without college degrees.
After the election, droves of reporters could be seen helicoptering in from NYC to interview members of the white working class (WWC) in diners across the state.
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by TerryMander March 21, 2019

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