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A word used to describe a pivotal moment of success. Also means awesome, cool, epic.

Definition #1
A word used to describe a breakthrough moment of success.

Definition #2
A loud exclamation of triumph.

Definition #3
The name of a popular cartoon character.
Kaboomski — it’s a boy!
I just won the lottery — Kaboomski!
Kaboomski, now I can go on vacation.

“Kaboomski”, it’s not as universal as the word “fuck” but it’s less vulgar and more euphoric. What the Kaboomski? You be the judge.
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by Kaboomski May 08, 2017
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A word used when sealing a deal or completing something. Also means awsome, cool, amazing.
Francis-Any Questions? Going Once, going twice, Kaboomski!

Dude(upon finishing a history project)- Took me forever, but it's finally kaboomski.

TJ- That chick looks kaboomski

Guy1-did you see the previews for that new movie?
Guy2- Yeah, it's going to be Kaboomski.
by Cory Sweetcorn January 14, 2010
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