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KWAP Stands for Korean Wet Ass Pussy, this word comes from the song "WAP" By Cardi B and Megan The Stallion
Chung-Hee Over there Definitely got a KWAP
by TopFraggerAintBottom December 23, 2020
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Kids Who Aren't Pussies
started at Hawken Upper School in Gates Mills, Ohio
an organized group of young adults, usually high school students, who eat outside every day, even in the winter
Blake: dude did you see how much it snowed
Sean: hell yeah kwap's gonna be hard core
Blake: yeah we gonna be thowin our trays in the snow and shit
Sean: haha yeah
Alex Ferris: buoyeee

Wanda: did you guys do the math homework
Ricky: fuck you you fucked whore ill rape and kill you
Xavier: ill rape you, cut you into little pieces, put the pieces in a bucket and let them congeal for a few days, and then cut a dick slot in the goop and fuck your dead entrails
Ricky: yeah you dumb cock grabber i hate you there are some gangsta kids called kwap in Ohio who eat lunch outside every day plus id rather tear my own eyes out with my bare hands than look at your naked breasts even thouh they're big because i hate you so much
Xavier: chicken prrrrease
by Be Easy, bitch January 24, 2008
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Kwap - a term for a man who is constantly asleep and constantly annoys people
Kurwa, what a Kwap, he fell asleep at work again
by Tiruriru November 23, 2021
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