it is an acronym for Kliment Voroshilov, which were a series of heavy tanks created by the Soviet Union during WW2. Several of these tanks are used in the game World of Tanks. It's powerful but extremely slow.
Oh shit, a KV with derp gun on it. RUN!
by SiemaUSA October 15, 2011
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Tim: see that girl over there, shes a kv.
Tom: really? but she's so hot?
by beaniebabie March 27, 2012
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KV is an acronym which stands for Kevin Victory. However, it can also be used to describe anyone of commensurate popularity status. KV's are stand-out individuals, recognized for their striking looks, athletic prowess, academic prestige, exhilarant love-making, and enchanting personality. One is generally taken aback at the site of a KV, and in males, the site of a KV can cause a spontaneous erection.
Holy fucking shit! It's fucking KV! ...oh... look who's up (erection).
by IloveKV November 18, 2010
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An alcoholic beverage consisting of a full glass of Skol Vodka and one packet of Crystal Light powder. In order to achieve the desired consistency, the powder MAY NOT be fully dissolved into the vodka. The KvS is typically consumed in a four round fashion, with the listed effect for each round.
1.) Tipsy
2.) Drunk
3.) Blackout - Shitty
4.) Vomiting - Exposure of "Glory Parts"

P.S. - The disgusting, gritty aftertaste of each individual drink epitomizes the KvS.
Common Usage:

Fart: "Dude, what happened to you last night?"
Heatton: "The KvS. It destroyed me."
Fart: "You should thank Kinky and Rasp."
Heatton: "I did. At least I came up with a new drink. And the whole school drinks it, too."
by KvS-THB-LENS-RASP December 23, 2010
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A girl that is smoking hot and you would love to get with.
Damn, check out that girl man, I'd love to tap that ass, she is definately a KV.
by Mike February 17, 2004
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Stalin's wet dream on treads, the KV-2 is essentially a KV-1 with a stupid ass turret and a 152mm cannon that shoots anal rape compressed into tank shells. Its suspension has been known to be lubricated with the tears of its enemies and armor made of impenetrable Stalinium. In video games, it is passionately referred to as "The King of Derp" in World of Tanks, and "Death Star" in Warthunder. Russian tenk stronk tenk. Best in world.
"That KV-2 just obliterated my entire house with its ridiculous gun!"
"One shorted by a KV-2 again. Time to commit Seppuku."
by Hetzer February 26, 2015
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