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KMF is an acronym meaning Kick My Face.

1. used in a scenario where one person is in a spiral of emotion, such as self pity. In which case they say "KMF" to ask for help dealing with the spiral.

2. Used to joke about one's spiral of emotion, or self centered blurbs, generally by typing: *Kicks face*

or saying "i'll kick your face"

In which case, the person may reply "go ahead! try to KMF"
1. Person one: my life sucks, everything sucks... KMF.

Person two: you're simply grieving because your dog died, give it some time and you'll feel better. How about we go get some icecream?

2. Person one: so my life totally sicks right now because i mean i wanted to go to this party but i cant because im grounded, something about joyriding....

Person two: If you dont shut up now, I will Kick your face.
by Polka-chan April 21, 2010
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Kiss Me First. Often used as a suffix to BOHICA, as a plea for some mercy or gentleness in delivering the act implied by BOHICA; or to make something inherently unpleasant worthwhile.
BOHICA--kmf! Expressed after hearing of an impending shafting by one's superior.
by fetchit November 25, 2009
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"Krazy Mother Fu**ers" or KMF Racing. a clothing design company and team of crazy mofos from Nevada County, CA...if you happen to see a vehicle or someone wearing something that says KMF..dont worry for whats happeneing..its ok, they know how to do out for these guys...there fu**ing crazy..
"dude that shit was so KMF.."
"kris is one KMF..."
by NateDZ May 13, 2008
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Kiss My Fetus

A comeback to anything, usually used when proven wrong.
(an alternative to SMD or LMV)
Rylie says: That guy has hair.
Sarah says: That guy is bald.
Rylie says: KMF!
by sarahlaughsalot February 17, 2011
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Kill my fucking self. A more intense version of KMS Typically used when you're having an awful time, or if a unfavourable situation were to arise, so much that you want to die or are considering suicide. It doesn't necessarily mean you'll literally kill yourself, it can be used as a hyperbole.
1) I lost my job, I can't afford rent, my grandpa died recently, fuck it, I'm gonna KMFS.

2) If get woken up by my neighbours at 6am again on the weekend, I'll KMFS.
by fatalpulsed June 13, 2018
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A variation on kms, with the addition of the work fucking. Full form is "kill my fucking self."
by sun-uv-a-bee-atch October 25, 2017
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