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When someone with a name beginning with a 'K' is always right.
Example: "Kennet is always right #KIAR" or "Katie is always right.. KIAR"
by Rammy115 October 23, 2013
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Kiar is the Kindest, most Beautiful and Perfect person you will ever meet. If you met her you'd have to apologise. Why? Because she's Kiar that's why!! She's the most Genuine, true-hearted girl. She's Adorable and Innocent even though she's Hot asf. She's Loyal and Open. She will always listen to, value, and respect you. Unless you piss her off. Then you'd better run. You've never known anyone better and you'll never find anyone who even compares to her. Kiar>Perfect.
Guy:"Have you met Kiar?"
Guy 2"Do you know how stupid you sound? Ofcourse I have. She's amazing!!"
by D.A.M.O. August 25, 2019
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Kind of a liar. They told a lie, but not entirely.
He is such a kiar!
by Trakey May 18, 2016
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