A strange mixture between fast food and legitimate dining. A terrible combination as everyone wants to sit down but would also like to eat within 0.177 seconds of paying for their meal. Prime hangout spot for rednecks, old lonely women, the morbidly obese, black people and, in more suburban areas, wiggers. The perfect place to go if you are looking to be disgusted with humanity.
Woman with gross smoker voice: Could i get 16 pieces of chicken, all breasts, 4 large potato wedges, 3 ears of corn and... uhh.. give me a diet pepsi. Im trying to watch my weight.
Cashier: Do you want your chicken original recipe, or extra crispy?
Woman: Yes.

5 o'clock news: ...And in other news there was a brutal slaying at the Weymouth KFC.
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a place where mainly black people go, but the kfc man is white. is that a oxymoron?
kfc kicks ass and tastes good as hell
by pimp daddy dollars January 21, 2005
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A horrible place to work, I know, I once worked there, you can get food poisoning from the chicken they serve, the secret ingredients are flour, something that looks almost like garden herbs and salt (Not exactly secret when you've got all, if not two of the ingredients at home and readily alavilble) a place that makes Nazi Germany look like a tourist destination. I was sacked because I refused to serve out of date food to customers, (we had a new boss who was Satan who had managed to posses a human body that wanted the old food shifting, the more simple idea would be to dispose of the chicken in the bins at the back) do yourself a favour, don't work at KFC
KFC= Kan't Find the Chicken
KFC Manager: Can you please serve the customers the out of date Chicken?
Me: Fuck off, I'm not doing that!
KFC Manager: then get off the premesis and don't come back!
by Metal Master September 29, 2005
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Where the boogies from the ghetto go to eat.
Let's steal us a watermelon, buy a couple of 40s, and get some KFC.
by Bob November 30, 2004
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Keep From Cooking.

This is what a Jamaican tour guide said to our group while we were driving past a KFC once. He also said "I've never eaten at KFC in my life." All the other passengers were in shock.
Just to say, the tour guide looked much healthier. KFC is ok at best.
by Midas0Touch September 21, 2008
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Where the African American eight foot three guy goes every Friday with his crew.
by N. Gin August 24, 2010
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