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a school for rich fuckers who have a craptacular school.Clearely LC is better and have longer schlongs.
In KC u only get a max of 2 inch schlong
by LC Lover/ Drew Peacock October 24, 2004
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KCVI is full of rich white privileged kids and stupid thots. The blonde bimbos in this school will do anything for a quick fuck. KCVI is filled with over-achievers and people who can’t do sports. The grade 9s think they are top shit while the grade 12s somehow can’t graduate. The grade 10s keep failing math and the grade 11 are heard unless it’s for a protesting some stupid shit that they won’t win. The teachers are horrible but the kids aren’t better. But somehow KCVI still is put in the running for one of the best schools in Canada. KCVI beats all fuckers
Bayrridge student: Did you hear about the rich kid that overdosed on adderall?

Holy cross student: yeah I heard they go to kcvi
by Luke smitty October 11, 2018
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A school, housing students who are extremely well endowed in the penile sense. Even our women have superior dongs.

Poorly endowed in the football area. Oof.
1: Man, I'm sore as shit from that guy(or girl) last night.

2: Ah shit, they from KCVI?
1: Well, they sure as shit weren't from LC.
*Both parties laugh at LCVI's small {wangs}*
by Definitely Not From KCVI May 12, 2018
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School that was built for the epic and is run by the epic. Currently the LDSB prize school.
by Morril April 30, 2008
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