Can be seen coming off of his Lamborghini Aventador.Usually named Trent, Marcós, Jayson, Chad, Peyton, Dominic, Sisqo,Maximus,Danté and more. Usually has a very priviledged spoilt brat sounding last name(eg. Trenton Blake)He is also usually very ignorant and sometimes a downright idiot but his atttactiveness still let's him play the girls. His hair is gelled (obviously). Wearing the traditional pidgeotto haircut or a comb over for style purposes or if (light skin, dark skin's even a volume flat top with fade(high) or a pompadour(in it's douchiest form)(all these haircuts if not blonde, died blonde) with a varsity jacket(either Palace or Off-White)black t-shirt,Fear of God heavy terry sweatpants with black/red Yeezys or he'll wear a white Supreme Box logo t-shirt with Bape Ultimate Black City Camo sweatpants (sagged of course) with Gucci slides(socks if you will,from OF that don't match at all) or sometimes just a designer tracksuit(usually Kappa or a leather Adidas one) . He wears loads of designer brands. His main faves are Bape, Supreme, Off-White,Nike and Louis Vuitton. Throw in some Axe A LOT of it. One sniff of him and you'll die.

His attitude is poo. When talking to his arrogant, vain, sleazy self. Listen to him brag about how good he looks (his 6 pack) and his muscles or his new Tommy slides or his new designer backpack, either a smooth Black or any shade of red(red being his favorite color).
Scenario 1
Yoona and Cory: Oh no here comes Jayson look out!

Jayson: Yo bro get out the way before you step on my Yeezys and contaminate my new Rolex with HIV or some shit XD. Cost more than your rent bruhhhhh. (*flexes watch*)

John(Jayson's minion) : OOOOHHH SAVAGE

Cory: Wow, he really is the rich douche

Scenario 2
Henry: Who splashed water on us?!?

Samuel and Anya: It was the rich privileged spoiled school jock Maximus Dickhead

Maximus: XD My new Tesla did it without me noticing. It must've been on autopilot.

Anya: Yeah, right then do a favor clean us off (*smiles*)

Maximus: Yooo, obviously I did that on purpose XD. This isn't Make a Wish I don't do deeds for the homeless. (*smirks*)

Samuel: That's for children with chronic illness.


*Tesla crashes*

Henry: He really is the rich douche, just as retarded as one too.

The rich kid varies in s many ways. He can be nurturing, caring and loving or crude, spoiled and evil.
by The truth tellar March 13, 2020
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I'll just give the definition of rich, middle class and poor kid.

Rich kid: A kid who gets everything they want, their parents have good jobs, has a good life and has a lot of expensive things. Their parents generally fall into the upper middle class/lower upper class or the upper class.

Middle class kid: A kid who has some things, their parents have decent jobs, they have a good life and has a lot of average priced things.

Poor kid: A kid who doesn't have a lot, their parents may have a low paying job or no job, they have a decent life and doesn't have very much.
Rich kid: My parents bought me a hoverboard and a $300 pair of beats! Damn straight.

Middle class kid: Lucky!

Poor kid: GOOD FOR YOU
by Adolescence April 19, 2017
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Young people or young adults pampered beyond the point where they realise they are lucky; fully expectant of an idle life of luxury and not aware that some people have to work. Think that washing up or cleaning the house is something that a personal assistant is for. Unaware that there are poor people in the world. Money is something that arrives for unknown reasons in large amounts every month in one's bank account.
Super-wealthy international jetset kids, trustfunded grandchildren of banking families, etc.
by James William May 18, 2005
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A bunch of kids whose allowance exceeds my rent. They all drive nice little cars and eat at Moe's and don't have lives or futures besides living off daddy. They all look like a Pac Sun catalog. And they can afford to be a bunch of dressed up fucking rats.
The rich kids are fucking lounging in daddy's fucking mansion.
by Jam December 1, 2004
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kids who can get whatever their hearts desire, no matter when or where they are, because they can have it and because they want it.

see oakville
kid: "OMG mom, i saw the NICEST mercedes!! it wasnt like your silver C230 kompressor benz, or dad's ML500 suv benz, but MOMMY, it was the blue SL500 convertable i ALWAYS wanted, and i just got my lisence too!!"
mom: "i already got it for you, as a 17th birthday present"
kid: "damn straight"
by Dont cha wish... May 28, 2005
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Rich kids are kids stereotyped by everyone else as not caring about anything but themselves simply because they have electronic devices or clothes or cars. Many actually do realize that poverty exists, and many do realize that they are privileged compared to many others. Just because they have expensive stuff doesn't necessarily mean that they think everyone who doesn't is scum.
"wow. you live on that side of town, you must be one of the rich kids... I hate you because of it"
by fish148205 May 8, 2007
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a fagit loser who gets everything and thinks that if there boy friend dumps them or if they can't go shoping they melt down and bitch and moan about how unlucky they are! And when they see the 'O7 Bentleys or Porshes they just "HAVE TO HAVE" and they roll into school the year after the '06 Bentleys come out
by AJB1945 May 4, 2007
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