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Function: noun
Etymology: Seinfeld (episode #17)
The Busboy

1a. Refering Cosmo Kramer
1b. Term used by Jerry on June 26, 1991 when talking to George.
JERRY: I just don't think you should go alone. Can't you wait till after my set?

GEORGE: It'll take to long.

(Kramer enters)

JERRY: Take the K-man. A little support..

GEORGE: (Unsure) I don't a..

KRAMER: Take me where? Where?

(Scene ends)
by topper harely June 28, 2005
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KMan is an abrev. for King Man
It can also mean:
1.Someone with LOOOADS of Kudos or Cred.
That DJ BOB is a right KMan!
by Blue Fladoo October 10, 2006
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A fucking mad kunt who is an extreme menace to the driving society. Wild, crazy, evil, fucking mad, brainless. All the above are synonymous with the name K-MAN. Can often be seen cruising the streets of Brisbane, The Gold Coast & Fortitude Valley in a Black Honda Jazz or Honda Integra Type R or Kia Carnival.
K-MAN has already destroyed all the speed records in the Queensland area and even the police are scared of the great man. If you see him, be scared, be very fucking scared.
Person 1: HOLY SHIT, Did you see that kunt in his ricer rocket fly past us?
Person 2: You're fucking right man, that must be the infamous K-MAN.
Person 1: Fuckin Oath, he is a fucking speed king.
by UCSM March 25, 2008
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1a) Known for his very large head, mythical greek creature, head made from solids gold.

1b) Short for the first stage of man with small misguided brain
That creature may knock an eye out one day
by George (indianopollis) October 10, 2003
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A man/woman that reply's to EVERYTHING with k
Me: hey want to go to a movie?
K-man: k
Me: are you coming or not?
K-man: Maybe k
by mickal j caboose May 14, 2017
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