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K-On! (けいおん!) Is a Japanese four-panel comic strip seinen manga written and illustrated by Kakifly. The four main characters in the beginning of the story are Yui Hirasawa (Guitar), Ritsu Tainaka (Drums), Mio Akiyama (Bass), and Tsumugi Kotobuki (Keyboard). Later, Azusa Nakano (Guitar) joins the Keionbu (Hence the anime's name, K-On!).
K-On! Was a wonderful Manga/Anime! I want to watch the entire series again!
by MinaGlaca August 13, 2012
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a Feckless, Shameless, Coward whose purpose in Life is to please Donald J. Trump with Oral Praise and Bullshit Compliments. ( Noun ).
Lindsey Graham is a consummate Trump Fluffer.
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by FortunateSun October 24, 2019
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A straight up genuine guy who's cool, funny, intelligent, and has solid morals. I don't know many people with this name but they tend to be Japanese. Kon is very good at everything he does, and is very talented. Too bad the fact that he's good at everything means he's a lazy bastard since he doesn't have to try hard at anything. I mean, he plays multiple instruments, sings, writes songs, has 2 degrees, dresses well, plays 3 sports, does martial arts, I'm dead fucking serious. This dude is out of this world. Did I mention he's rich too? He's always paying for my chips and stuff.

He's a very good friend to have as he's always up for a good time and is reliable. Trust me this guy is noble as fuck, no bullshit. And it's fucking fun to party with him.

Girls think he's very hot and he gets approached in clubs all the time but due to his solid morals, he has turned down sex with many girls who have bfs, otherwise he'd be getting laid like a rockstar by now bro, seriously. Although he is quite flirtatious and some girls think he's a manwhore. He is, but he's also a good guy. Those things ain't mutually exclusive. Girls, if you meet a guy named Kon, try to hook up with him asap because he's the best dude ever!!!
Kon stop being a good guy just fuck that girl who cares about her bf

Dude if u don't know who to call just call Kon

Yo Kon can u help me with my shit?
by Mike Hawkenson May 22, 2012
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(1) Hella nice brotha
(2) Car booster
(3) Comes well equipped
Yo you a Kon
by Tasha June 07, 2003
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One fine ass motherfucker, though a sick sadistic bastard.
You see that guy over there? He's a kon with style.
by Kon December 19, 2003
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A russian male soccer player with a high self esteem. Considered hot by most girls, until he opens his mouth---what an asshole!
I think Kon is hot, especially when he doesn't do his homework and gets away with it.
by Lower Merion High April 08, 2005
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You such a Kon.
by N2k May 13, 2003
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