A good christian radio that thousands of people listen to, including me. That is all I got. You can search up k love on a device and click on the site and you will be able to listen to the radio on a device. The radio station to go to for k love if you want to listen to it in your car or on the radio is 97.9.
Want to listen to k love
by Pearlpenguin57 November 7, 2019
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The name K-Love …. means life , and new beginnings like spring where there is growth , prosperity and restoration. The obvious definition God’s love . Fun fact it’s a Christian radio station.
K-Love is unique name that shows enthusiasm and has ebullient personality.
by Musicismyclarity February 23, 2022
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Annoying Christian radio station, that does a pledge drive for like 3 months. If you are Christian, and wanna listen to a radio station that is also Christian, don't listen to K-Love, rather Air 1 and the Effect
K-LOVE has there pledge drive up again!
by MR. MAN November 30, 2013
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The kind of love described in Placebo's song Special K. You are so in love with another person, that it leaves you dazed, confused, unable to move. It's so chaotic, but you feel like no relief will ever come. But even though it's so hard, you never want it to die, you never want to crash or hit rock botom. Unescapable love.
Girl: Wow Jake I think I'm in Special K love with you.
Boy: Your love for me is like horse tranquilizers?
Girl: Well.. yes. I can't control myself.
by Christicles July 26, 2006
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never fails to get you right no track

you will suffer without it though
k-love i would give it a 9 plus you can call the prayer request number its not the best though
by Happy Christian April 11, 2023
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