The worst singer ever... wanks himself unconsious 2 pics of the pinch-faced taylor swift, disgrace 2 rap, Male form of miley cyrus, and 12 year old girls masturb8 at his picture... worse than J.T at Rapping (justin timberlake). GO HANG URSELF, COMMIT HARIKARI, AND PLAY RUSSIAN ROULETTE AT THE SAME TIME U DISGRACE 2 CANADA!!!!
fuck justin beiber he absolutley cannot sing, he should kill himself. But i just dont understand why the male prostitutes are wanking themselves unconsious 2 his pictures
by FuCkUjUsTiNbEiBeR1337 February 21, 2010
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Voice of a dead cat

Wait, that's offensive to dead cats....sorry mittens
Why are you listening to JB??????
That's not Justin Beiber that's just our neighbours cat dying, he's been ready to die for1 week and a half
by Pj Phoenix August 12, 2014
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A person who has no talent and singing abilities.

A boy who is actually 5'6 and is getting girlish. Has no friends, no life, and would do us all a favor if he just left Hollywood.

A girl looking guy who has 7 year olds practically worshipping him.
"OMG, Casey! Did you hear James in chores? He sounded HORRIBLE!" "Yea, he's such a Justin Beiber."

"Hi I'm Justin, I'm a lowlife!"

"OMG! Justin Beiber was great yesterday at the concert!" "Dude. No he wasn't."
by Miss_M rates things February 06, 2012
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1 The anti-christ 2 Nickname for a shooting target
{1} Satan's Facebook status reads "Justin Beiber". How anticlimactic. {2} I want to test out my new Barret M82 .50 Cal Sniper Rifle on that Justin Beiber.
by Aztec Sikiga February 08, 2011
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