when someone you hate has pissed you off enough to kill them
fred: I'm not guilty
Judge: why?

Fred: he threw his backpack at my face
Judge: not guilty that's justifiable homicide
by Tricklegs January 26, 2015
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The mercy killing of anyone with the surrname Trump, any registered republican, or anyone who lives in a red state.
"Kenny drove his SUV through the crowd at the Trump rally in Wisconsin. He killed 43 trumptards and wounded a hundred more."

" Oh shit! Kenny is fucked now, I think Wisconsin has the death penalty!"

" LOL! No worries my friend, Wisconsin is a red state, and all of the stiffs are trumptards. It's justifiable homicide. They might even give him a medal".
by Littlehandsdonniedotard June 27, 2018
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When the judge or jury of your murder trial likes the same football team as you
Person 1: I did not kill that woman!!! By the way I am a Patriots fan...

Judge: It was so sad that they lost... I find this man not guilty!!!! This fits under justifiable homicide
by Ciandre Jackson February 03, 2008
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