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A salty person; gets worked up over pointless bs, easily provoked
"Aw man why is he being such a fuckin Junius right now..."
by Saltyspatune November 24, 2014
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Flagrantly homosexual male who feels he is somehow special for being so. May show a massive paedophiliac nature as well as the desire to argue endlessly about political topics he knows nothing about.
"Dude, you're such a fucking junius.", "Why don't you go have another circle-jerk with 14 year olds, junius?"
by Elmoogle December 21, 2003
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stupid, no talent individual who you may spot asking 'paper or plastic?' at your local supermarket
that idiot who supports dubya on teh spf is a real junius
by pyromaniac_guy July 15, 2004
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