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A self mutilation and auto-erotic act involving the insect known as the junebug and favored by sado-masochistic homosexuals in the Southern states of North America.
The act requires an 8 ball of cocaine, whiskey a razor blade and a junebug. Mixing the whiskey and part of the cocaine together a desensitizing paste is created which is to be applied to a man's scrotum. One desensitized a razor blade is used to cut open the scrotum where junebugs are placed inside. The remaining cocaine is snorted to induce a euphoric high as the salve loses its desensitizing effect. One the man can feel the junebugs crawling around in his scrotum he will begin to masturbate to orgasm. Sometimes he may crush the junebugs in his scrotum due to the intense sexual arousal he feels.
Dude, he's a sick motherfucker. He'll probably start Junebugging next.
by joyboy2000 May 11, 2009
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