The act of hooking up with the Fat and or Ugly Girl who is going to tell her hot friend she can't hook up with your buddy. You know, that one nasty chick who is all bitchy right up to the time she realizes she is actually gonna get laid, then she is suddenly cool.
"Buddy, will you jump the grenade and start giving that nasty chick some attention before she claims she has to go home?" "Yeah but if I have to stick in her butt again I'm gonna be pissed"!!!
by kinghog July 15, 2008
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An action performed by the wing man, this situation arises when the said wing man takes one for the team by hitting on the fat/ugly chick in order to help his buddy/buddies score with her hot friends, and therefore, sacrifices himself by jumping onto the grenade.

The pin is said to be removed from the grenade when one man goes in alone, and the grenade prevents further interaction with the hot chick(s). Therefore, the jumping of the grenade must be performed immediately before all soldiers are blown to smithereens.
The hot chick's fat friend was successful in cock blocking me because by the time my wing man was jumping the grenade, his coverage was not sufficient enough to protect us from the explosion. Attempts in obtaining intel (phone number, email address, conversation, dancing, etc...) have been thwarted.
by Daniel Druff April 14, 2006
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a.agreeing to distract the skanky friend of the hot babe your buddy is trying to score. NOTE: should you get carried away with your good deed and end up getting on the beast, your pal is forbidden to ever speak of it.
b.a real man's legal duty.
Okay man, I'll talk to the fat one and you can get on with the hot blonde. I'll jump on the grenade for you tonight.
by spitfire May 10, 2004
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when one willing member of a group of one sex willing seeks out the grenade of a group of the opposite sex in order for the other members of his/her group to gain total access of the other group.
Damn, check out that group of chicks they are hot... well all but that grenade. too bad Blake didnt come out tonight he is always jumping on a grenade
by moaroner December 13, 2005
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While approaching a group of females with your group of friends, sacrificing your night and volunteering to hook up with the ugly one in the group so that your friends can have fun.
Tom I think its your turn to jump on the grenade.
by RC Collens November 15, 2003
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Acting as a wingman. The phrase comes from the military; jumping on top of an active grenade will kill you but save your comrades around you as a result of it. It's a selfless act for your buddy.
Hey check out those two chicks sitting at the bar. It's a shame only one of them looks decent. Man, will you please jump grenade for me? I did it for you last time.
by wheelmanLS2 August 31, 2006
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to fuck an annoying girl that would otherwise be "cock-blocking" on a friend of yours
This fat fucking bitch was runnin' intereference on my boy, and I had to jump on that nasty ass grenade. Luckily, she sucked a mean dick
by biggle January 31, 2003
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