A name usually given to either a Boeing 747 or an Airbus A380, both large airliners.
The jumbo jet landed at the international airport.
by Delelelelelemariokart November 5, 2019
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A man with a large penis and massive testicles
A jumbo Jet refers to the fact that the owner of the afore-said jumbo sized tackle is able to force a correspondingly large amount of semen from it during ejaculation
Fuckin ell that were a feller I had last night let me tell ya! That were a proper fuckin jumbo jet I ad flying into my terminal 5 last night
by stainesmassive April 5, 2008
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A person whose eyes are so far apart that you can land a jumbo jet on her face.
Kate Moss has a face you can land a jumbo jet on, SJP has the nose in which to pull it up!
by Chode Slapper January 21, 2010
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7:47 on digital clock, as in Boeing 747 jumbo jet aeroplane
It's 7:47, that's jumbo jet time!
by CatTay April 2, 2020
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Taking a big shit from the top of ladder and lading that jumbo turd on your boyfriends arse crack
Paul is so gay, his boyfriend loves landing his crazy jumbo jet on the runway
by Stinkers August 15, 2017
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