A day in which the word Vibe becomes a myth to a reality. On this day, one of the greatest Vibers to ever walk this earth was born. Happy BDAY!
Son, today, July 8th, is the day of the Vibe...
by 8box8 July 8, 2010
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The best bitches were born on this day, you can fuck around and hoe around all you like. Do you know why, because they fucking can cause she a (July 8th) 🥵
Damn, you got a July 8th
She a bad bitch
by Lilyisabadbitch June 9, 2019
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You: hey! What’s today’s date?
Your friend: It’s July 8th! Happy national kiss your friend’s forehead day!
You: Cool! *smooch*
by watersignenthusiast October 16, 2019
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July 8th is the best day of the year for sex if your birthday is July 8th your gonna get laid on your birthday!
Friend: Ethan’s is July 8th

Other friend: he’s gonna get laid
by Gootlips October 16, 2019
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A day where nothing is gay. No need to say no homo because its JULY 8TH!!!
"Hey dude wanna make out its July 8th?.
by minecraftdude464838 November 4, 2019
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July 8th is the day you can moan and it wouldn't be considered dirty

Did you just moan?
Jade:yeah its july 8th?
by Shrimpywimp November 15, 2019
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hey, today is july 8th, the day you suck your fwb dick
by fuck your fwb rnnn July 5, 2021
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