This is the birthday of the most amazing people. They are the best friends because of how compassionate and funny they are. They’re probably the type of person you can talk to about deep stuff but also be a crackhead with. They accept you no matter what and will stick by your side. They’re also probably down to kill for you if you asked. Be sure you’re ready to do the same for them because whoever is born on this day deserves the world.
Oh, your birthday is July 15? Can we please be friends? Let’s go out sometime and get some donuts or something!!
by A Really Awesome Cool Person October 23, 2019
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The most dope
Day to be born. Handsome men and beautiful women are born on this day.
I can tell you were born on July 15 because you’re amazing
by Bad bitch xoxo October 16, 2019
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July 15- you can smack any ass you want but you have to say smack a bitch whIle you smack their ass
Hey linda "hi, sally." (Sally) goes behind Linda smacks her ass and says smack a bitch. When it is July 15.
by Gacha_milk_tea October 29, 2019
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This is the birthday of the most amazing girl ever, she’s a real hottie and a bit of a hoe🤪 She is the best friend you could ever ask for, she gets all the boys and is drop dead bloody gorgeous. Xoxo dumb hoe😘
What’s today? It’s July 15th duhhh. What’s so important? ITS THE BIRTHDAY OF THE MOST AMAZING HOE OUT THERE!!!
by Wannabemehoe2005 November 6, 2019
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the day me and my friend added each other on might not seem like a big deal but this dude means everything to me and I would do anything for him to be happy
He recently turned 18 and he is now very happy...even tho he...kind of ignores me but I am ok with it Ik I am annoying.
anyways if you were born on this date just know that..this was a happy day for me and probably to your family too.have a nice day :)
oh it’s July 15 already? Better celebrate :)
by dani :) November 5, 2019
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“Hey Daniel, you suck at Rocket League
Daniel: “Hey bro what the heck!!!
“No its cool, it’s July 15”
Daniel: “Oh ok ur good
by cold corndogs August 27, 2020
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July 15th is the day to Show your girl some love by bullying her
by Rickyzontop July 16, 2021
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