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this is the day we’re Pisces girls get their heart broken my libras even tho they love them... if you are a libra and you see this remember that, if you have ever broken a Pisces heart before..it was probably on this date... imma go kill myself now have a great day :)
it’s March 13 you know what that means Pisces...
by dani :) November 02, 2019

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the day me and my friend added each other on Snapchat.it might not seem like a big deal but this dude means everything to me and I would do anything for him to be happy
He recently turned 18 and he is now very happy...even tho he...kind of ignores me but I am ok with it Ik I am annoying.
anyways if you were born on this date just know that..this was a happy day for me and probably to your family too.have a nice day :)
oh it’s July 15 already? Better celebrate :)
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by dani :) November 04, 2019

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