It’s the day you were born! It is also the day you will rise to power. Those petty mortals will bow beneath you, and cower in fear. You will become a god. Complete what is necessary.
“Oh it’s July 12th time to rise up to power and make the foolish mortals bow down beneath me.”
by KalamataOlive October 18, 2019
it’s the hottest most sexiest girls birthday alive🤩 she intimidating tho.. I love you((:
July 12: It’s Freya Mays birthday!!
by Virginia Alabama October 29, 2019
July 12th is “International eat an AirPod day” grab a friend and enjoy!
“hey man wanna hang out July 12 and eat and my AirPods?”
by Cameron boyce’s sister October 17, 2019
Everyone who is born on this day is very shy but have a big heart for everyone.
Also they are always happy to make new friends and to try new things.
Wow. The girl was born on July 12 likes to get new friends
by The golden Dragonqueen October 17, 2019
International Stabbing Day: The day to stab and be stabbed by! In memory of Julius Caesar, all stabbers can get away with stabbings for free, and stabbees are entitled to buy one get one free! Celebrate stab day today by tagging who you want to stab and be stabbed by.
Oh shit, it's July 12! Better wear some armour in case I get stabbed.
by NotBrutus October 15, 2019
July 12th is national flirt with your best friend day
Person 1: oh shit. It's July 12, you know what that means
Person 2:*flirts*
Person 1:*flirts back*
by unknown bish July 8, 2021
National NUGS & HUGS (chicken nuggets and hugs) day.
Hey it’s july 12, want a hug we can go get chicken nuggets too!
by A.P. Lapearle July 25, 2021