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The perfect (maybe) word to write about in Urban Dictionary because everything you say about it is encompassed by it. So if I were to say that Postmodernism is a goat, I am of course, right (left). If I say that Postmodernism is an art movement based on the unsurity of a declining art market of the 90's, I'd be correct (whatever that means). Eat your Captain Crunch, look at a Madonna video and drink a glass of Tang. Reality is media. Reality is simulation. Life is Art.
My professor tried to explain postmodernism but got hung up on what words to use. He kept losing track of the meanings and saying things that nobody could understand. Finally when he was unable to speak any language at all, we all understood and went home but couldn't find it, because home is in the film "The Wizard of OZ".
by Bozlog May 08, 2008
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The idea that there is no objective meaning, only subjective meaning, the meaning one brings to a thing, irrespective of the intent of the author, or of the Author, or of reality.
Postmodern born-again Christianity is viewed by many as the enemy of Biblical inerrancy.
by David Malcolm Porta December 17, 2005
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Origionally an architectural style based on the philosophical position that progression in the arts need not necessarily be a linear process. Post Modernism is the acknowledgment that nothing is, or will remain truly modern. One statement made in the name of Postmodernism is that History has ended in a cul-de-sac. Proponents of Post Modernism try to provide an interesting mixture of disparate styles and artistic references borrowed from the past. It is difficult for theorists to end the era of postmodernism since postmodernism seeks to be the destroyer of theoretical positions and therefore its own demise is merely a Post Modern concept. Now covers all areas of the art world. For more info, see some art books
"Oh this room is so Post Modern - how did you achieve all this"?

"we had loads of money and paid a designer"!
by London El Vis September 29, 2005
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a term used most often in academia to describe an event, work of literature, style of art, or particular way of thinking in an extremely vague manner referring to a virtually unidentifiable era or quality that existed at some point after the "modern" period ended.
i wrote a paper called "Post Modern Perspecives on Female Genital Mutilation" so full of academic gobbely-gook that I believe I got an A just because neither myself nor the professor clearly understood what it was about.
by cicaita May 01, 2006
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simply put, anything connected with yuppie hipster culture.

may it be architecture you see in gentrified areas (such as the god-ugly condo towers) or the pretentious wank that get's praised on Sundance, Pitchfork, whatsoever...
"the fabolous buttplug and the unbearable waking of armin meiwes" is a paradigmatic examination of transgressive existentialism of the postmodern deconstruction of precannibalist postanalfisting.
by joejoejoe May 22, 2013
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any art that is aware of the fact that is in, in fact, art.

or more cynically, any art that is aware of the fact that it is, in fact, product.
MTV's Real World is a very postmodern television program
by mitsui September 13, 2008
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incredibly shitty, awful, stupid, a complete waste of time
That movie was so post modern.

This coffee is really post modern.

I think post modern artwork is post modern.
by pillow v. pillow July 10, 2008
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