Hoe's working at Korean bars trying to get Americans money by getting them to spend large amounts of money on alcohol at the bar. Also will do anything for money.
The Jucies at the bars only care about the money. I had one offer me The Works for 15 bucks.
by Speedy & Veterano January 7, 2005
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Jucy is the ship name for John and Lucy. They love each other and like to talk about suicide.
Jucy is goals
by Toebert February 23, 2017
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Where a girl is a true hoe and hates her sister so she sends nudes to everybody and fucks her cousin
My friend maddy is a jucy lucy she wont stop sending me pictures
by Your mom leslie March 29, 2016
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when a girl squirts her breast milk in your mouth and you swirl it around and spit it in her mouth
grant sucking his moms jucie nips at birth
by son of adlamid March 30, 2017
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jiz.... duh
omg im gonna drink some pimp jucice baby, o so salty and sticky yeah!
by luchus May 16, 2004
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bum fucker jucie is the stuff that comes out of the ass after penertration
aka shit and cum
im gonna go get my self some bum fucker jucie whooooooooo
by Nathan djdamster September 22, 2007
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