1. to constantly die
2. to die on a pull in game
3. to be a caster and think you are a tank.
He pulled such a Jubal with those orcs!
by Kithara October 3, 2004
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If you meet a man with the name Jubal, you are lucky af, you have met your soulmate. He will push you to do better and be better as a human. He will love you no matter how hard you are on yourself, you must love him just as hard if not harder. He will show you what it means to find your forever person. He may have his own faults but he will work though them with the right person. He may take forever to ask you to marry him, but it will be a special moment when he does.

Jubal usually has a sun washed red hair color, with a bright full red/ginger beard, Brownish green eyes, his favorite animal is an orangutan 🦧, he most definitely is a dog person, but will compromise and let you have a cat as well as a dog. Jubal's are sweet and attentive as well as Excellent Lovers. He encourages your unique style and motivates. Usually wears a solid colored t-shirt, a baseball cap l, tan cargo pants, boots, and a strong masculine cologne. He will still smell like a strong poplar, Cedar or birch wood. He is also a bit forgetful, and that's why he needs you. Also most definitely wears glasses.

Cons: always sweaty, because he burns with the passions of 1000 suns and is sexy af.
Them: Who is that handsome ginger? Why is he buying all that chocolate, pads and mountain dew?

Them 2: That must be Jubal, I heard they will always make their gf feel better for not being pregnant. Too bad, I bet he'd be a great father, his gf is so lucky.
Jubal: Actually, I am the lucky one. Without her I'd be a mess.
by Kioku420 February 14, 2021
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1. to constantly die.
2. to pull in game in a fashion that results in the utter death of your group, raid, guild, or entire zone.
3. to be a caster and think you are a tank.
He totally Juballed that last pull! That must have been 50 orcs!
by Kithara February 7, 2005
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The act of prioritizing a romantic interest over others
Wow... I invited Brayden over but he's too busy jubaling us with Kathlyne...
by Akmca December 31, 2020
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Jubal, jubal really likes sports but when it comes to losing he will get very sensitive he has all the girls wanting him and you’ll be really lucky if he likes you so if he likes you don’t screw it up!
Girl 1: I really like jubal

Girl 2: yes i heard he likes you
Girl 1: REALLY ima ask him out!
Girl 2: be carful don’t mess it up
by Ahuman18273663 May 18, 2021
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The act of eating your own cum out of a vagina after you ejaculate.
Once big Jim nutted he preformed a Jim jam jubally
by The fruit house September 11, 2021
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