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Some one who is sexy as fuck and girls can't get enough of and love him and all guys are jeloues of him and he has the best personality no one on earth has a better heart then jovani and if you love him he'll love you back because he that type of guy loves everyone also has a fat COCK
1)Damn I wanna jovani he pulls so many bomb bitches
2) jovani so sweet he makes horny
by Urban user 101 January 13, 2017
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A guy who gets all the bitches with his big dick. All the girls are on his dick.They like sucking it up and down.
1. Dude I wish I was a Jovani.

2. If I was a Jovani I would get all the bitches.
by Urbandefiner123 November 01, 2013
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A person who loves to Party Rock. Shufflin everyday is included in Party Rocking. MUST BE SEXY.
Guy 1: "Is party rock anthem playing?!?!"

Guy 2: " OMG go call Jovani!!"

jovani: "LET THE PARTY ROCK WOOOOOO"(while shufflin)
by Jmanpsu July 19, 2011
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Comes from a bloodline of warriors, is a great fighter and athletic and he gets all the bitches. people wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up famous or rich he’s a very loyal person until he feels betrayed, a warm hearted person thinks of other he doesn’t give up that easily and does everything he can do to make his family proud a Jovani in Latin means FATHER OF THE SKY. He’s basically a badass and doesn’t mind smoking a blunt with the homies.
Guy 1: damn I wish I was a Jovani

Guy 2: Jovani is so badass why can’t I get all the hoes like him.
by Lookalive May 20, 2018
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Typically a very annoying person that is a total know it all.
Also thinks he can win any argument and that his opinions only matter.
Guy 1: Hey guys I just got a Xbox!

Guy 2: I got a ps3 but thats cool!

Jovani: Actually a ps3 has higher resolution and more better games, you should do more research before you purchase a game ._.

Guy 1: ....

Guy 2: GTFO!
by Opisafag May 14, 2011
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Jovani is a nigga who pays people to say he got a big dick. Basically if your a Jovani your a fake bitch with a small dick who needs to write about himself saying how he got a big dick but in reality its the smallest you can have.
Girl 1 :Oh my god did you hear what jovani said his dick is 8in.

Girl 2: bitch please i tried getting with Jovani and when we got to bed it was a huge mistake. He lied about how big it was. But hey i thought size didn't matter so i tried it with him to see if it was good.

Girl 1 : wow how big was it really and was he good.

Girl 2: oh my god 1st it wasn't 8in more like 4in and 2nd he was so bad at it i had to fake a orgasm and girl he cummed so quick.

Girl 1: HAAA Do you regret it

Girl 2: of course.
by ?!?!?!?!?!?!666 May 29, 2018
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