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Josefine is a common girls name in western Europe.

Only the most amazing people in the world are named Josefine. They are very out going and many people look up to them. They are always ready to have fun and party but can also have moments when they just want to relax. Everyone should be friends with someone named Josefine.
Person 1: "Hey do you know her? She is pretty amazing."

Person 2: "You're right she is. She must be named Josefine!"
by CaNdYaPpLe5 February 05, 2010
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Your friends grandma who falls asleep while talking to you and carries Werthers Originals in her purse to give the the bagger at the grocery store as a tip.
Grandma Josefine always made sure she sent us home with with full stomachs and 5 dollars in hand
by Are u fucking kidding me January 08, 2019
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