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Kind-hearted, beautiful, loving, country girl who is down to earth, wears her heart on her sleeve, even on her days she will bring a smile to your face, just as beautiful in a tshirt and sweats as she is all gussied up
I want me a Josalynn, she's the one who will be forever faithful
by intheknowyaknow February 03, 2010
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Gorgeous and perfect but very self conscious and shy whenever they have a crush they either shy away try to talk to them or Just smile and nod there head (she does like you if she’s quite around you or glances at you but looks away) She’s also only close to a couple people because she’s so shy She usually wears hoodies or covers up so she’s not judged When asking this girl Out Go Straight For it and don’t be afraid she will probably say yes if you guys talk give the girl hints by saying she’s beautiful or complementing her make her confident and she will like you back. She wants to be asked out she does not want to be the one to ask the male out.
Josalynn Is so Quite I don’t know if she likes me or don’t like me
by Thats a weird flex but ok October 30, 2018
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