a person with very large muscles.he usually gets a ton a girls, a person that seems to have a magnetic field around him that just attracts every hot girl
by gobulls4432 May 24, 2011
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A Jordan is a name of a person usually a male but can be a female's name. The male Jordon is mostly known for their ignorance and a profound lack of mental quickness, Jordans tend to engage in multiple relationships with emotionally and mentally unstable women who are usually taken. Jordans will cheat on their partners with taken women on the internet, show their tiny dicks to any women that will give them the time of day.
"Girl 1: He said I was his drug and he was addicted to me"
"Girl 2 : He uses corny sayings to get women he's a total Jordan"
by Ruths1984 January 30, 2017
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Jordan (Jore-Dan) coming from the Latin-Greek word deriving from Jordanith king of Leading (or successfully securing an objective or point in life situations). Jordan is one who makes the opening move, not afraid of risky situations, and is always there for his friends or (teammates); one to 'cap', making the initiative to secure from enemy's or life's tough situations.
"Hey did you invite Jordan to our party?"
"Idk man Jordan isn't good at securing objectives, tackling life to its fullest. Like that chick over there, he may not be able sinc.

"Well his name comes from Jordanith king Of Leading so I feel confident for him, he'll pull it off."
"We can hope to God, Johnson."

"Okay brodster"
by Prodster May 07, 2013
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a girl named Jordan is an all around fun person. She is always ready to party and can sometimes get a little too crazy. Jordan is also known to be incredible in bed. She will do anything for her true friends. Her emotions are well hidden but they are raw and it takes a lot for her to open up to a person. Make friends with this girl, she'll be there for you whenever you need her. Fuck her over and she will kill you.
That girl Jordan is crazy.
by alittlenamegame November 22, 2011
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Jordan: An amazing kisser, sweetest guy you'll ever meet, best to cuddle with, sexy, kind, caring, big heart, happy, funny, fun loving, loves God.. his family..girlfriend..and friends, someone you can't live without, utterly good looking and has the luckiest girlfriend ever because she is so totally blessed to have such an amazing man in her life. There is no one like him. He is one of a kind, a true gem! Once you meet him you'll fall in love with this prince charming from the South!
Someone I cannot live without. I love you babe!

Jordan looks so good Channing Tatum looks like a troll standing next to him.
by ajack555 October 12, 2013
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Jordan, is usually a tall, romantic guy. He has his moments, he gets mad very easily, but is the most loving, caring, sweet, just over all amazing guy ever.

He never fails to make you smile. Says stupid funny things, but are cute.

He'll make you feel like you're the only girl in the entire world, you will forget about everything and anything when you're around him.

He's not only a lover, but a bestfriend.

If he's not a lover. He's a great friend to have.

He's easy to fall in love with, you can't get him off your mind, if you get a Jordan in your life, do NOT let him go.

Don't forget he's the best sex you'll ever get ;)

Don't ever let this guy out of your life, hold him tight :*
by datbootydoe161 November 01, 2013
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A simply amazing guy. Very family orientated and loves his family to death. He's really sweet, caring, affectionate person. Loves to give hugs and has a very charming personality. He loves to travel especially islands and he loves water activities. Can make you fall in love with him in precisely 8 days. Has the hottest tan and such an amazing smile! Jordan plays soccer and has a HOT body. He's really friendly and a person you could never forget.
His personality reeally got to me and made me want to know more about him: He is SUCH a Jordan !
by Beeach_Baabe January 15, 2012
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