Sexified bitch. Hot stuff. Unique and ass-kickin' Gets all the girls goin' envy.(;
Girl: Aren't I hot or what?
Guy: Dude, Jools can kick yo ass in a snap.
by Jeshika February 15, 2005
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The best compliment you could ever recieve! BASICALLY, when you are called a jool, you are loved. very much. you can add multiple "oooo's" like, jooooooool! you say jool deeply like how they say youuuuuu in Soulja Boy crank that. its just like jewel, but JOOOOOOOOOL.
ex. 1. awww thank you for the gorgeous patened leather spanks!!!! you are a jool!

ex. 2. wow these tacos look like jools, i am so hungry.

ex. 3. that guy is really hot. hes a JOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!
by Young Aplir M.O.A. October 18, 2007
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To rape using the art of deception. Often using alcohol instead of mainstream 'Roofies'.

To Jools someone one you must be forensically aware.

Knickers will always be put back on after a Jools.
Someone who has Jools'd another will always answer no to the question: "Did we have sex last night"
I think i've been Jools'd, I can't remember a thing from last night and my knickers are still on.
I'm going to get her battered so i can Jools her.
by Ban Darron November 08, 2013
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The hottest guy on the block. Party animal who will try anything, always looks out for his friends and is a real mummyโ€™s boy.
Boy1: Do you think jools will come out tonight?
Boy2: has he ever missed a night out?
Boy3: nope.
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by Krazy kat March 11, 2018
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a fat fingering of kool. used when you are trying to be, for lack of a better word, kool and type kool instead of cool but end up making a typo

It is also my word
Isabel: jool

Me: haha jool.

thts my new word
by zesaladin May 27, 2010
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Jools, a bubbly girl with sperm smear highlighted hair. She is of a small height, easier for her to suck the cocky. She would say that she is 'pretty, cool, loved, sex addict (suggest by her friend Tilda) and of all horny 24/7' Her voice is of a nasal monotone.
Jools: Hey Guys, I've got something to tell you

Emily: Its an std!

Ollie: No You're pregnant!

Marni: What drug have you taken?!
by Arthurbyrne69 September 01, 2013
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