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Used to sing in Dance Gavin Dance but is now in Emarosa, which is nowhere near as good as DGD was.

Has one of the best voices out there.
I don't care if Jonny Craig is an ass or whatever, his singing is still incredible.
by Bloodbath 87 March 06, 2009
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1: former member of the band DanceGavinDance and current member of the band Emarosa. Originally from Canada, now lives in Lexington, Kentucky. Will Not take pictures with you and will Not add you on myspace either.

2: self proclaimed dick
Axel- "Jonny the show was great! take a picture with us please, real quick!"

Jonny Craig - "Piss-off kid"(SPIT)

Rachel- "Hes amazing!"
by rachelandaxel February 21, 2009
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