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verb To act like a brown Jew in a Catholic school. This includes: throwing objects at innocent people; pushing on one's chair; knowing too much about mass-murderers etc.
The country of origin is Indonesia
Girl: (pushes chair)
Girl 2: Stop Jonning me!
by CaptainPrice55 March 10, 2010
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Taking information and misusing it intentionally. Molding and warping facts into arguments to solely match your opinion. This involves intentionally misrepresenting opposition and strategic omission of statements to help support your argument exclusively.
Similar to a spin doctor. Jon took what Corey said 2 years ago about a Baylor incident and applied it to a conversation about politics yesterday. He tried to force some connection that nobody else but him could even consider. The Baylor sexual harassment situation has absolutely nothing to with Harvey Weinstein but he tried to say that if you defended the student athletes of Baylor than you automatically support a director who was accused as well. Obviously this isn't the case but Jon is still jonning the point as loudly as possible.
by Anonymous army October 28, 2017
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passing off a mistake or embarassing situation in a way that makes it seem both intentional and awesome
Through skillful jonning, the trip became a perfectly executed judo roll up to her front door.
by jbmoore4 April 07, 2008
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