1. An argument in which two or more people talks about another person offensively.
2. To crack jokes about someone.
3. To offensively hurt someone else's feelings by making fun of them in front of a large crowd.
" Kevin: Yo mama so fat, she had to go to Sea World to get baptized"

Alisha: "Oh, so you wanna jone, huh? Okay, yo teeth so yellow, people be yelling taxi!"

Kevin: "You got so many bumps on yo face, I took it
for a map of a military base!"

Do you see how Kevin and Alisha make fun back and forth?
this is the definition of "JONE"
by D-Magnum April 28, 2008
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a term only fo D.C eria ppl .makin fun of somebody.
yo u jonein less go less go!!!!!!!!
by da southern 1 April 22, 2004
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A form of addressing a person. Similar to homie, or mayne. Originated in Memphis,TN.
"What up jone?!"

"I don't think that I can make it to my destination jone."
-Frayser Boy (Song: Hydro Weed)
by Gerrad Cowley January 04, 2006
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When you do something clumsy or embarrassing (like tripping) and attempt to play it off as purposeful even though everyone around knew it wasn't.
Larry unsuccessfully tried to Jones his friends after tripping over his shoelace and falling into a gate.
by Dragon Slayer 741 October 10, 2017
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a verb that means to crave something strongly, usually said in a construct with a participle (e.g. "to be jonesing for") and often pronounced without the 'g' at the end (e.g. "to be jonesin' for").

Sometimes the "for" is foregone. Usually a phrase emphasizing being in the moment is included, such as "right now" for the present, or "at that time", "right then" for the past. In past, present or future constructions, when said in a negative construction "just yet" is also used occasionally.
I'm really jonesing for a coffee right now.
I'm really jonesin' a cigarette right now.
I just got over being sick for a week. I'd like to go to the concert, but I'm not jonesin' to be out in public just yet.
by alternabear March 23, 2016
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Defined to be a new technique for certain males.
"He Joned in the washroom when nobody was looking."
by Md January 25, 2005
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