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A cheeky little faggot cunt who can't 420 noscope to save his own life and binges Runescape to the point of misappropriation with aspect of a normal life. Often, such person finds himself questioning his own procrastination with often guilt from the subconscious of his own being.
Only a master Joncarlo can afk Runescape and still be getting great gains just for clicking every five minutes.

Don't pull another Joncarlo on me and tell me you don't know why you haven't done the hw you are supposed to do. No no, I believe you have 6 hours of hw. JUST DO IT!! gosh...

Everyone's waifu is a Joncarlo. A common necessity in daily life and reins over common deity casuals lol
by hecker101 July 11, 2016
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The hottest person in the world with the biggest heart but he’s shy to show it and other people judge him but really he’s cute in the inside and the outside you just have to get to know him and Joncarlo is also very good at fortnite and will beat your ass any day
Joncarlo you stay out for the game (a few more games he’s still out) people don’t treat Joncarlo’s right
by Trippie red April 06, 2018
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