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An over-sized asshole, usually caused by DP in the butt.
Mitch: "Dude did you hear Tom, Corbin, and Jesse had a 3 sum last night?"

Jacob: "Yeah, I'm pretty sure Corbin has a jombus now."
by Foreskin Chodeslam January 20, 2011
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An oversized asshole; usually aquired naturally or by having it torn open by some sort of long, cylindrical object.

An asshole of irregular proportion.
"Dude, did you see Chealsea's jombus last night? I heard it was big."

"Yeah man, it was huge! I tore that thing up."
by Longrod Von Hugenballs December 14, 2010
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oversized anal cavity formed when fat chode enters the anus
Rick: "oh yeah put that chode in my anus."

Jake: "oooopppsss its a jombus now"

Rick: "ahhhhhhhhh shit fuck my asshole"

Corbin: "hey can i get in on this?"
by chodeSLAM69 January 22, 2011
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