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Jolaus can be either a girl or a boy. This sweet but not really attractive, pretty or hot creature will always keep up with beautiful people. Jolaus loves to be a third wheel. It’s highly possible that your local Jolaus is kinda gay. They love to give compliments and make friends of random hot people but they never really get into a friendly relationship. Jolaus can be only loved or hated there’s nothing in between those two emotions. They love life but hate it at the same time they say it’s unfair to those that are not beautiful and smart emough. Jolaus is clever and loves to talk to people he wants to talk to. He overthinks everything and cries a lot. Jolaus loves to eat but also hates his fat ass. He’s complicated. Jolaus loves to wear aesthetic clothes and wants his ig account to look good. He’s always broke. Jolaus has good eyebrows. Love your local Jolaus they’re truly the best people in the world.
You see that thirdwheeling girl? She’s such a Jolaus.
by hahahahnope May 04, 2019
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