1. The verb form of JO, jacking off
2. To do nothing with other people.
"instead of going to the party im just gonna be joing all night long with my computer"
by dakage December 20, 2005
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Seasoned, fried potato wedge, larger than a french fry. Localized usage in the Pacific Northwest.
Your jo-jos are too bland. You need to add some Johnny's.
by Joel Shaver February 25, 2008
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a slang word for weed/cannibis/joint/spliff/bifta ect
person 1: you got any jo jo ?

person 2: yer do u want sum on my jojo?

person 1: yer mayte gotta love the jojo

person 2: so do i mmmmm jo jo !!
by jo jo lover September 18, 2008
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Lame yankey term for tater wedges!
I'd get fries, if they didn't serve such damn good jo Jos in this joint...
by MissFixins September 12, 2018
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1. (verb) When someone comes up behind you and sticks their thumb or some other object in you butt. Not so forcefully as to cause penetration, but with enough force to squeeze your cheeks.
1. Man Kendyll ran up behind me at practice and gave me a jo-jo with his stick.
by Hunter September 13, 2004
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