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Probably the most infamous Red Sox traitor in the history of the Red Sox franchise. Johnny Damon was the biggest Red Sox star to just walk straight into the Yankees arms because of money. The former 'Jesus' is now the 'anti-christ.'The real life version of Anakin Skywalker becoming Darth Vader. He vowed never, ever to join the Yankees but left the Red Sox for money just like Anakin Skywalker left for power.
Johnny Damon is now the Yankees's pet dog. Goddamn it Damon. WTF is wrong with you. You betrayed the Red Sox. When you come back to Fenway, I hope the fans will neither cheer or boo but instead, give you the cold shoulder.
by DarkFenX January 17, 2006
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Once the centerfielder and face of the greatest team in baseball, the Boston Red Sox. Now an overpaid, clean shaven sellout playing for the New York Yankees.
I can't believe Johnny Damon signed with the Yankees.

Yeah, he even cut his hair too. What a sellout.
by Devin"The Balls"McDermott January 02, 2006
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Once was an honorable center fielder from the Boston Red Sox, but after the 2005 baseball season he became a free agent and decided to sacrifice his reputation for more money playing for the soul-less New York Yankees
Johnny Damon is Jeters newest bitch
by apathyislethal April 08, 2006
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The CF for the BoSox in 2004. He is a great fielder and a great leadoff hitter. He has speed and can steal bases. He looks like jesus.
Wow, Johnny Damon made a sick play.
Johnny Damon just hit a tripple.
Johnny Damon just scored from first on a bloop single.
by parliment July 23, 2004
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A major league baseball player with native american blood. He loves the land, and respects the great spirit. he has many pow-wows to celebrate his baseball victories.
Johnny Damon lives in a long-house
by blumf February 08, 2005
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A redsox centerfielder that oddly resembles jesus. He shall be the savior to the redsox this season.
"If the Redsox can't win this year with Jesus Christ in centerfield then they must be cursed."
by jon April 08, 2004
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An overrated, mediocre Center Fielder who plays for a team so evil its name dare not be mentioned here.
Four .300 seasons since 1995 do not make Johnny Damon anything special.
by Nickey Shea July 11, 2005
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