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A conservative talk-radio host on Fox News Radio, and a journalist of 30+ years. He focuses much of his radio show to riddiculing the idealogy and positions of the left. He centers much of his criticism at Keith Olbermann, whom he used to fill-in for when they both worked for MSNBC in the 1990's. Olbermann would take off work during the Monica Lewinsky scandal because he was tired of reporting on the misdoings of a democratic president. Gibson would be forced to work 4 hours a night because of Olbermann. Olbermann reportedly sat at home in his bathtub when he was not working. For this, Gibson has called Olbermann "bathtub boy".

Gibson is well-known for mostly inviting guests and callers onto his radio program who disagree with him vehemently. Many these guests are controversial figures, who Gibson gives ample time to make their case. About 75% of the callers that he takes disagree with him on the subject.
Broadcasting live from the epi-center of the American liberal-media complex: New York City. Situated in the bunker at Fox News Headquarters, ready to entertain the hell out of you: John Gibson!
by Duck Hunter July 10, 2008
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Oily-haired patriotic Fox News presenter with a flag in his lapel and a badger up his ass.
You just trod in a John Gibson!
by youkay February 22, 2004
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