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Utilizing the belief system and work ethic of -THE- JoeC to create a better life for yourself by fulfilling your goals and dreams. Joeyism is a quality that can help anyone achieve success. You just have to make it a lifestyle, a mindset, a religion. Joeyism is something that can not be taught or learned. Joeyism is something that burns within. In the gym, Joeyism is the intangible, the x-factor, that gives Joe an advantage over everyone else.
You arent making gains because you lack Joeyism
by Jay See February 23, 2004
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Joeyism (n)

1. A word or sentence of nonsensical whimsy bordering on flibertygibbetness put forward by or uttered by Joey.

2. A common example of the bastardisation of the English Language during a converstaion occuring after a few too many Chardonnays with the girls namely Colly, Sal, Gretel and Lou.

3. The act or ability of being able to go totally off topic with the insertion of a word or action that will result in the wetting of the pant or at least a mad rush to the ladies room.

4. An uncanny ability to perform the exact opposite of any task set and to justify the end result with nonsense.

5. The art of being able to have not only both feet in ones mouth at the same time, but arms, legs and any other extraneous limbs, belonging either to oneself or others.
1. Joeyism: "Sal wants a Green Velvet Curtain for her birthday, so I thought we could get her a really nice shawl thats rusty coloured on the back and green on the front and she can wear it out on her birthday and she can hang it on a curtain rod and she can tie a big tassle around it and she can then use it as a curtain! Or do you think she would like jewelry?"

2. Joeyism: "I was in Crows Nest telling a friend how I'd just been visiting someone "over there". As I pointed behind me, my finger went right up the nose of a woman walking past".
by rusty34232 June 08, 2010
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1. Small comments that attempt to put down anything (includes movies, cultures, people) and ruin the thing for everyone. Usually acompanied by a small grunt or shake of head.

2. Comments that are stated when a person dislikes what they are currently participating in. Said person will complain and whine until they either ride away on their bicycle (or walk.)

see joey o'malley
"UHHH, this movie sucks"
"Oh, that would never happen in real life"
"This sucks!"
"Wow, why did we take the freeway"
"Wow, why did we take the side-streets"
"Wow, why did we drive."
"Wow, why did we take the bus."
"pattern continues"
by Tyler April 04, 2004
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Random and often hilariously unbelievable sentences or phrases spoken by famous socialite and reality TV star, Joey Essex
A classic Joey-ism is "I know who Richard and Judy are."
"Who are they?"
"Aren't they the first man and woman on Earth?"
by Eddie Lizzard December 09, 2013
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