Average American moron, IQ 60, drinking beer, watching baseball and CNN, and believe everything his President says.
This is so simple, even a Joe Sixpack can understand.
by Herr Snecke September 06, 2003
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1. A regular all around blue collar worker guy who drinks beer regularly 2. A regular guy who has well developed abdominal muscles 3. A term made popular by Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and former Vice presidential candidate.
Yo Joe Sixpack throw me a brewski.
by juman December 26, 2008
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Your average American. Used by excessively by Sarah Palin during the vice presidential debate.
Sarah Palin: that normal Joe SixPack American is finally represented in the position of vice presidency...
by suzanness October 03, 2008
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An outdated representation of the average American male. In the 21st century, the average American man is more likely to drink lattes, play a musical instrument, and listen to indie rock than slobber around with a beer belly. However, people keep using the term since they want to feel above average and so use a below average example to represent what's average.
Hey, let's hang at Starbucks and listen to Green Day while laughing at Joe Sixpack who walks around with a beer belly, drinking Miller Genuine Draft and listening to Guns N Roses.
(The irony being that Green Day and Starbucks are far more popular and mainstream in the 21st century than Guns N Roses and Miller beer).
by Always Madness November 29, 2010
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The average working class American, who wakes up every morning in his 400$/month apartment, wonders how he's gonna pay his mortgage that month, and how he's gonna fill his car up with oil, how he is going to pay for his kids' orphanage bills.
Did I do this for me? No. I did this for the little guy. For Joe Sixpack.
by mcd777 May 31, 2019
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the dumb, alcoholic,and undecuated majority of people that live in alaska along with the methheads and polarbears.
some urban legends say that they live far past alaska and a far as maine. sarah palin is a jill sixpack and a maverick.
sarah palin- im standing for all the joe sixpacks and hockey moms (lie)

joe biden- wow you really are as dumb as they say.
by DaNiMaL!!! October 05, 2008
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Sarah Palin's example of 'Average Joe.' Nobody else in the world uses this phrase.
'Ask any hockey mom or Sixpack Joe about the economy...'
by omgomgomg12345 October 03, 2008
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