4 definitions by juman

1. A regular all around blue collar worker guy who drinks beer regularly 2. A regular guy who has well developed abdominal muscles 3. A term made popular by Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and former Vice presidential candidate.
Yo Joe Sixpack throw me a brewski.
by juman December 27, 2008
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a derogatory term used against people who speak-out against the actions or policies of the government of Israel, Zionists or other Jewish controlled organizations.
This Jewish person doesn't support the actions of Israel, they must be a self-hating Jew.
by juman December 29, 2009
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a unique way to wish someone a happy holiday during the period of Christmas and Hanukkah without excluding a Christian or Jewish person. All inclusive way to give a holiday greeting for the week of Hanukkah and Christmas to an open-minded person. Acknowledges Christ as a Jew that is commonly included in base word of Christmas but also acknowledges Jewish people in general for Hanukkah, a Jewish holiday that is celebrated during the same time period Christmas occurs in December.
Merry Jewmas everyone!
by juman December 29, 2009
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Atheists, secular or non-believers exclusion of Christ in the reference to the holiday commonly known as Christmas.
by juman December 29, 2009
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