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In the Marines, a "Jody" is a generalized term meaning: any man who stays home while everyone else goes to war. He gets to enjoy all the things the Marines are missing, more specifically the Marine's girlfriend back at home while the Marine is away on active duty. The reason that they're called Jody specifically dates back to black soldiers in WWII. They took a character from old blues songs named Joe the Grinder (or Joe D. Grinder) who would steal the ladies of inmates and soldiers, and clipped his name to Jody.
That's why they say, "Jody's back home, fucking your girlfriend."
by discharge March 14, 2006

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Home of the worst traffic on earth.
Beep Beep Motherfucker!
by discharge June 05, 2004

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Short for Gunnery Sergeant of The United States Marine Corps.
I am Gunnery Sergeant Hartman your senior drill instructor.
by discharge October 25, 2004

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Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).
My MOS is Infantryman (11B).
by discharge March 03, 2005

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melissa stark's (from FOX NFL football broadcasts) nickname while she attended UVA. She enjoyed taking it up the butt so much that she developed trunk ass. Hers looked like a pink tulip
Her ass hole hung out so much it looked like a beautiful pink tulip.
by discharge June 26, 2003

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In German, it means 'Devil Dog' This is what the German soldiers yelled when they encountered US Marines During World War II, this subsequently led to the shitting of their trousers.
OH-Schei├če, ist es ein Teufelhund! Durchlauf!
by discharge September 18, 2005

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Sick of it All, a hardcore band from NYC.
Spreading the hardcore reality.
by discharge August 19, 2004

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