someone calm , loud, generous , loyal, and sexy with a big ass
Jody-ann is a very calm , loud , generous , loyal and sexy person with a big personality and ass
by oiiir February 19, 2022
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The name Jody means “he will add” and “God increases” in Hebrew.

The last name Parks means, a man of great stature, tall with a large penis. A handsome man with a calm spirit. Easy to love.
When life seems crazy I call Jody Parks and he calms my soul.
by Whitney Baby June 6, 2021
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The most flacky human being you will ever meet. Hes says he will do something dor you or meet you somewhere but cancelles last minute and when he cancels you can be sure that he will say "oh sorry i had alot of hard work to do." but in reality hes just playing fortnite
Oh Jody Mcguian canceled last minute
by Broskie110 October 19, 2020
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One of the sweetest and most amazing people to ever walk this planet. She doesn’t know how amazing she is although when she does a warmup you will think she’s the devil.
Bob: “that coffee tasted amazing”
Sheila: “almost as amazing as Jodie Steele”
by Red rosy bum cheeks October 21, 2020
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a stinky little bitch who no body really likes, she thinks she's popular when she really isn't!! causes beef with everybody and should really eat a dick
Jodie-lola " hey guys! I'm the prettiest girl in school and all the guys want me!"
all the other girls "haha have you guys seen Jodie-lola? She thinks she's so pretty but she has no ass or tits!!"
by I hate Jodie-lola January 17, 2018
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Two girls lie on eachother in a s*as*ik*a and get a high powered fan to spin them like the pencils in the Charlie Charlie challenge until they take off like a helicopter the further they go the bigger the orgasm
I did the first straight Jodie Cohmer last night
by Anneboleynpan1522 September 9, 2020
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