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A Joclyn is an extremely special person. She’s smart,witty,sarcastic,caring and hilarious. She Speaks her mind and doesnt give a damn if people disagree. Joclyn’s are patient so she might take awhile before showing her true feelings towards somebody. If a Joclyn loves you, your lucky. She’s a very detailed oriented person, she notices everything. Joclyn’s always brighten your day and if you have one in your life, don’t let her go.
Damn Joclyn is lookin’ great today.
I love Joclyn
by your mom12345560018493 March 10, 2018
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Joclyn is the type of girl that you would want in your life. She's cute, sexy, funny, has an amazing personality, has a great sense of humor, laughs a lot, and is most importantly, thicc asf. She can turn any guy on and makes guys turn heads. Shes is a great role model for younger children. She is just an amazing person that can make anyone smile. And speaking of which, her smile is contagious :) Everyone wants to be friends with her and she is generally an amazing, optimistic, outgoing, extremely energetic person. Shes really sexy but she isn't a thot or a hoe. Shes got a thicc ass and any guy would want to get behind her and smash.
"Did you see Joclyn at all today?"
"Yeah those jeans on her really make her thicc ass pop."
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